1001 Crafts Villages is a Vietmamese company which manufactures, trades and distributes the traditional handicraft products. Our products are made of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan or seagrass, which are ubiquitous in the VietNamese countryside, by hundreds of skilful artisans.

We are proud to bring Vietnamese Traditional Handicraft Products to many customers from over the world.


Social Responsibility

We are creating the best working condition and environment for our workers and follow all local laws and relates regulations.

Our workers and staffs can realize that working at 1001 Craft Village is like a family – a second “home” where people are always willing to support each others.

Production process

Step 1: Collecting & Treating raw material

In the harvesting time, people cut the seagrass and process right in the field by a cutting machine. Seagrass after collecting from the field is dried firstly by sunshine, then dried again by machine to have complete material.

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Step 2: Weaving into semi-finished product

Base on customer requirement, our design ang product team will cooperate to work out the samples. After approved by customers, the prototypes are assigned for skillful weavers for mass production.

Step 3: Cleaning & Supplementing accessories

All semi-finished products need cleaning to remove tiny sedge hairs, dirty sports, odds and ends. Then, a group of workers will add needed accessories, create finished-products.

Step 4: Drying 

If the weather conditions are good – sunlight and low lever of humidity, products might be placed outside to dry naturally. If not, all products are placed into drying rooms before packing.

Step 5: Labeling & Packing 

Any requirement for UPC code labels, logo identity or other requested attached labels are encouraged. Customers can also require for inner packing, gift boxes or PDQ trays at their convenience.

Step 6: Inspecting quality & Loading

Final quality checking is done 1-5 days before shipment. For each order and shipment shipped out, we will use random checking method to identity the quality of the whole lot.